terraform taint <address>

Mark a resource instance as not fully functional




-allow-missingIf specified, the command will succeed (exit code 0) even if the resource is missing. The command might still return an error for other situations, such as if there is a problem reading or writing the state
-lock <true or false>Disables Terraform's default behavior of attempting to take a read/write lock on the state for the duration of the operation if set to false. Defaults to true
-lock-timeout <seconds>Unless locking is disabled with -lock=false, instructs Terraform to retry acquiring a lock for a period of time before returning an error. The duration syntax is a number followed by a time unit letter, such as 3s for three seconds
-ignore-remote-version <seconds>When using the enhanced remote backend with Terraform Cloud, continue even if remote and local Terraform versions differ. This may result in an unusable Terraform Cloud workspace, and should be used with extreme caution
-helpShow this help output, or the help for a specified subcommand
-chdir <arg>Switch to a different working directory before executing the given subcommand
-versionShow the current Terraform version