terraform plan

Show changes required by the current configuration


-compact-warningsIf Terraform produces any warnings that are not accompanied by errors, show them in a more compact form that includes only the summary messages
-destroyIf set, generates a plan to destroy all the known resources
-detailed-exitcodeReturn a detailed exit code when the command exits
-outThe path to save the generated execution plan
-parallelism <number>Limit the number of concurrent operation as Terraform walks the graph. Defaults to 10
-refresh <true or false>Update the state prior to checking for differences
-state <arg>Path to the state file. Defaults to 'terraform.tfstate'. Ignored when remote state is used
  • Repeatable ♾
-var <foo=bar>
  • Repeatable ♾
-var-file <arg>Set variables in the Terraform configuration from a variable file
-lock <true or false>Lock the state file when locking is supported. Defaults to true
-force <true or false>Delete the workspace even if its state is not empty. Defaults to false
-lock-timeout <seconds>Duration to retry a state lock. Default 0s
-input <true or false>Ask for input for variables if not directly set
-no-colorDisables output with coloring
-helpShow this help output, or the help for a specified subcommand
-chdir <arg>Switch to a different working directory before executing the given subcommand
-versionShow the current Terraform version