Terraform CLI


initPrepare your working directory for other commands
validateCheck whether the configuration is valid
planShow changes required by the current configuration
applyCreate or update infrastructure
destroyDestroy previously-created infrastructure
consoleTry Terraform expressions at an interactive command prompt
fmtReformat your configuration in the standard style
force-unlockRelease a stuck lock on the current workspace
getInstall or upgrade remote Terraform modules
graphGenerate a Graphviz graph of the steps in an operation
importAssociate existing infrastructure with a Terraform resource
loginObtain and save credentials for a remote hos
logoutRemove locally-stored credentials for a remote host
outputShow output values from your root module
providersShow the providers required for this configuration
refreshUpdate the state to match remote systems
showShow the current state or a saved plan
stateAdvanced state management
taintMark a resource instance as not fully functional
untaintRemove the 'tainted' state from a resource instance
workspaceWorkspace management
-install-autocompleteInstall bash/zsh tab completion
-uninstall-autocompleteUninstall bash/zsh tab completion


-helpShow this help output, or the help for a specified subcommand
-chdir <arg>Switch to a different working directory before executing the given subcommand
-versionShow the current Terraform version