react-native start

Starts the webserver


--port <free port>Port on which to listen to
--host <new host>Change the default host
--projectRoot <path>Path to a custom project root
--watchFolders <folders>Specify any additional folders to be added to the watch list
--assetPlugins <plugins>Specify any additional asset plugins to be used by the packager by full filepath
--sourceExts <sourceExts>Specify any additional source extensions to be used by the packager
--max-workers <Number of workers>Specifies the maximum number of workers the worker-pool will spawn for transforming files. This defaults to the number of the cores available on your machine
--transformer <transformer>Specify a custom transformer to be used
--reset-cache, --resetCacheRemoves cached files
--custom-log-reporter-path, --customLogReporterPath <logFile>Path to a JavaScript file that exports a log reporter as a replacement for TerminalReporter
--verboseEnables logging
--httpsEnables https connections to the server
--key <path>Path to custom SSL key
--cert <path>Path to custom SSL cert
--config <string>Path to the CLI configuration file
--no-interactiveDisables interactive mode
-h, --helpOutput usage information