react-native run-ios

Builds your app and starts it on iOS simulator


--simulator <simulator>Explicitly set simulator to use. Optionally include iOS version between parenthesis at the end to match an exact version: "iPhone 6 (10.0)" (default: "iPhone 12")
--configuration <config scheme>Explicitly set the scheme configuration to use (default: "Debug")
--scheme <scheme>Explicitly set Xcode scheme to use
--project-path <path>Path relative to project root where the Xcode project (.xcodeproj) lives. (default: "ios")
--device [device name]Explicitly set device to use by name
--udid <udid>Explicitly set device to use by udid
--no-packagerDo not launch packager while building
--verboseDo not use xcpretty even if installed
--port <free port>Default: 8081
--terminal <terminal path>Launches the Metro Bundler in a new window using the specified terminal path. (default: "Apple_Terminal")
-h, --helpOutput usage information