Command line tools that ship with react-native in form of the @react-native-community/cli package


doctor[EXPERIMENTAL] Diagnose and fix common Node.js, iOS, Android & React Native issues
bundleBuilds the javascript bundle for offline use
initInitialize a new React Native project named <projectName> in a directory of the same name
uninstallUninstall and unlink native dependencies
startStarts the webserver
ram-bundleBuilds javascript as a "Random Access Module" bundle for offline use
linkLinks assets and optionally native modules
upgradeUpgrade your app's template files to the specified or latest npm version using `rn-diff-purge` project. Only valid semver versions are allowed
infoGet relevant version info about OS, toolchain and libraries
installInstall and link native dependencies
configPrint CLI configuration
unlinkUnlink native dependency
log-iosStarts iOS device syslog tail
profile-hermesPull and convert a Hermes tracing profile to Chrome tracing profile, then store it in the directory <destinationDir> of the local machine
log-androidStarts logkitty
run-androidBuilds your app and starts it on a connected Android emulator or device
run-iosBuilds your app and starts it on iOS simulator


--versionPrint CLI version
--verboseIncrease logging verbosity
-h, --helpOutput usage information