pnpm recursive update [Package...]

Pnpm update updates packages to their latest version based on the specified range. When used without arguments, updates all dependencies. You can use patterns to update specific dependencies




--recursive, -rConcurrently runs update in all subdirectories with a package.json (excluding node_modules)
--latest, -LIgnores the version range specified in package.json. Instead, the version specified by the latest tag will be used (potentially upgrading the packages across major versions)
--globalUpdate global packages
-P, --save-prodOnly update packages in dependencies and optionalDependencies
-D, --save-devOnly update packages in devDependencies
--no-optionalDon't update packages in optionalDependencies
--interactive, -iShow outdated dependencies and select which ones to update
--workspaceTries to link all packages from the workspace. Versions are updated to match the versions of packages inside the workspace. If specific packages are updated, the command will fail if any of the updated dependencies are not found inside the workspace. For instance, the following command fails if express is not a workspace package: pnpm up -r --workspace express
--filter <Filepath / Package>Filtering allows you to restrict commands to specific subsets of packages. pnpm supports a rich selector syntax for picking packages by name or by relation. More details: