pnpm install-test

Runs pnpm install followed immediately by pnpm test. It takes exactly the same arguments as pnpm install


--offlineIf true, pnpm will use only packages already available in the store. If a package won't be found locally, the installation will fail
--prefer-offlineIf true, staleness checks for cached data will be bypassed, but missing data will be requested from the server. To force full offline mode, use --offline
--ignore-scriptsDo not execute any scripts defined in the project package.json and its dependencies
--reporter <Reporter Type>Allows you to choose the reporter that will log debug info to the terminal about the installation progress
-P, --save-prodPnpm will not install any package listed in devDependencies if the NODE_ENV environment variable is set to production. Use this flag to instruct pnpm to ignore NODE_ENV and take its production status from this flag instead
-D, --save-devOnly devDependencies are installed regardless of the NODE_ENV
--no-optionalOptionalDependencies are not installed
--lockfile-onlyWhen used, only updates pnpm-lock.yaml and package.json instead of checking node_modules and downloading dependencies
--frozen-lockfileIf true, pnpm doesn't generate a lockfile and fails to install if the lockfile is out of sync with the manifest / an update is needed or no lockfile is present
--use-store-serverStarts a store server in the background. The store server will keep running after installation is done. To stop the store server, run pnpm server stop
--shamefully-hoistCreates a flat node_modules structure, similar to that of npm or yarn. WARNING: This is highly discouraged