pnpm recursive publish <Branch>

Publishes a package to the registry. When publishing a package inside a workspace, the LICENSE file from the root of the workspace is packed with the package (unless the package has a license of its own). You may override some fields before publish, using the publishConfig field in package.json. You also can use the to customize the published subdirectory (usually using third party build tools). When running this command recursively (pnpm -r publish), pnpm will publish all the packages that have versions not yet published to the registry




--tag <<tag>>Publishes the package with the given tag. By default, pnpm publish updates the latest tag
--dry-runDoes everything a publish would do except actually publishing to the registry
--ignore-scriptsIgnores any publish related lifecycle scripts (prepublishOnly, postpublish, and the like)
--no-git-checksDon't check if current branch is your publish branch, clean, and up-to-date
--access <Type>Tells the registry whether the published package should be public or restricted
--forceTry to publish packages even if their current version is already found in the registry
--report-summarySave the list of published packages to pnpm-publish-summary.json. Useful when some other tooling is used to report the list of published packages
--filter <Filepath / Package>Filtering allows you to restrict commands to specific subsets of packages. pnpm supports a rich selector syntax for picking packages by name or by relation. More details: