npm ls <[@scope]/pkg...>

List installed packages




-a, -allShow all outdated or installed packages
--jsonShow output in json format
-l, --longShow extended information
-p, --parseableOutput parseable results from commands that write to standard output
--depth <depth>The depth to go when recursing packages
--linkLimits output to only those packages that are linked
--package-lock-onlyCurrent operation will only use the package-lock.json, ignoring node_modules
--no-unicodeUses unicode characters in the tree output
-g, --globalOperates in 'global' mode, so that packages are installed into the prefix folder instead of the current working directory
--omit <Package type>
  • Repeatable ♾
  • Repeatable 3x
-w, --workspace <workspace...>Enable running a command in the context of the configured workspaces of the current project
-ws, --workspacesEnable running a command in the context of all the configured workspaces