Node package manager


install, i, addInstall a package and its dependencies
run, run-scriptRun arbitrary package scripts
initTrigger the initialization
accessSet access controls on private packages
adduser, loginAdd a registry user account
auditRun a security audit
binPrint the folder where npm will install executables
bugs, issuesReport bugs for a package in a web browser
cacheManipulates packages cache
ci, clean-install, install-cleanInstall a project with a clean slate
citInstall a project with a clean slate and run tests
clean-install-testInstall a project with a clean slate and run tests
completionTab completion for npm
config, cManage the npm configuration files
createCreate a package.json file
dedupe, ddpReduce duplication in the package tree
deprecateDeprecate a version of a package
dist-tagModify package distribution tags
docs, homeOpen documentation for a package in a web browser
doctorCheck your npm environment
editEdit an installed package
exploreBrowse an installed package
fundRetrieve funding information
getEcho the config value to stdout
helpGet help on npm
help-searchSearch npm help documentation
hookManage registry hooks
install-ci-testInstall a project with a clean slate and run tests
install-testInstall package(s) and run tests
itInstall package(s) and run tests
linkSymlink a package folder
lnSymlink a package folder
logoutLog out of the registry
ls, listList installed packages
orgManage orgs
outdatedCheck for outdated packages
owner, authorManage package owners
packCreate a tarball from a package
pingPing npm registry
pkgManages your package.json
prefixDisplay prefix
profileChange settings on your registry profile
pruneRemove extraneous packages
publishPublish a package
rebuild, rbRebuild a package
repoOpen package repository page in the browser
restartRestart a package
rootDisplay npm root
search, s, se, findSearch for packages
setSets the config key to the value
set-scriptSet tasks in the scripts section of package.json
shrinkwrapLock down dependency versions for publication
starMark your favorite packages
starsView packages marked as favorites
startStart a package
stopStop a package
teamManage organization teams and team memberships
test, tst, tTest a package
tokenManage your authentication tokens
uninstallUninstall a package
r, rmUninstall a package
unUninstall a package
removeUninstall a package
unlinkUninstall a package
unpublishRemove a package from the registry
unstarRemove an item from your favorite packages
update, upgrade, upUpdate a package
versionBump a package version
view, v, info, showView registry info
whoamiDisplay npm username