meteor create <path>

Create a new Meteor project. By default, it uses React and makes a subdirectory named name and copies in the template app. You can pass an absolute or relative path




--release <release>Specify the release of Meteor to use
--package <package_name>Create a new meteor package instead of an app
--example <example_name>Example template to use
--listShow list of available examples
--bareCreate an empty app
--minimalCreate an app with as few Meteor packages as possible
--fullCreate a fully scaffolded app
--reactCreate a basic react-based app, same as default
--vueCreate a basic vue-based app
--apolloCreate a basic apollo-based app
--svelteCreate a basic svelte-based app
--typescriptCreate a basic Typescript React-based app
--blazeCreate a basic blaze-based app
--tailwindCreate a basic react-based app, with tailwind configured