meteor build <output path>

Package this project up for deployment. The command outputs a directory with builds for all platforms in this project


output pathfolders


--debugBuild in debug mode (don't minify, etc)
--directoryOutput a directory (rather than a tarball) for the application server bundle. If the output location exists, it will be recursively deleted first
--server-onlySkip building mobile apps even if mobile platforms have been added
--mobile-settingsSet optional data for the initial value of Meteor.settings in your mobile application
--serverLocation where mobile builds connect to the Meteor server. Defaults to localhost:3000. Can include a URL scheme (for example, --server
--architecture <arch>Builds the server for a different architecture than your developer machine's architecture. Note: This option selects the architecture of the binary-dependent Atmosphere packages you would like bundled into your application, when those packages were specifically published for multiple architectures (i.e. with meteor publish-for-arch). If your project doesn't use any Atmosphere packages that have binary dependencies, --architecture has no effect
--allow-incompatible-updateAllow packages in your project to be upgraded or downgraded to versions that are potentially incompatible with the current versions, if required to satisfy all package version constraints
--platforms [platforms...]Builds only the specified platforms (when available)
--packageType [package-type]Choose between apk/bundle for android builds