Run the meteor command-line tool


helpGet help on meteor command line usage
runRun a meteor development server in the current project. Searches upward from the current directory for the root directory of a Meteor project
debugDEPRECATED. The 'meteor debug' command is deprecated in favor of 'meteor --inspect-brk'
createCreate a new Meteor project. By default, it uses React and makes a subdirectory named name and copies in the template app. You can pass an absolute or relative path
updateAttempts to bring you to the latest version of Meteor, and then to upgrade your packages to their latest versions. By default, update will not break compatibility
addAdd packages to your Meteor project. You can add multiple packages with one command
removeRemoves a package previously added to your Meteor project. You can remove multiple packages with one command. For a list of the packages that your application is currently using, see "meteor list"
listLists the packages that you have explicitly added to your project
add-platformAdds platforms to your Meteor project. You can add multiple platforms with one command
remove-platformRemoves a platform previously added to your Meteor project
list-platformsLists all of the platforms added to your project
ensure-cordova-dependenciesCheck if the dependencies are installed, otherwise install them
buildPackage this project up for deployment. The command outputs a directory with builds for all platforms in this project
lintRun through the whole build process for the app and run all linters the app uses
shellWhen `meteor shell` is executed in an application directory where a server is already running, it connects to the server and starts an interactive shell for evaluating server-side code
mongoOpens a Mongo shell to view or manipulate collections. Can only be used when developing locally
resetReset the current project to a fresh state. Removes all local data
deployDeploys the project in your current directory to Meteor's servers
authorizedManage authorized users and organizations
loginPrompts for your username and password and logs you in to your Meteor developer account
logoutLog out of your Meteor developer account
whoamiPrints the username of the currently logged-in Meteor developer
test-packagesRuns unit tests for one or more packages. The results are shown in a browser dashboard that updates whenever a relevant source file is modified
testRuns tests against the application
adminRarely used commands for administering official Meteor services
list-sitesList the sites that you have deployed with `meteor deploy`, and sites for which other users have authorized you with the `meteor authorized` command. To see sites in a region other than us-east-1, set the DEPLOY_HOSTNAME environment variable. For example, ` meteor list-sites`
publish-releasePublishes a new release to the package server, as determined by a JSON configuration file
publishPublishes a new version of a local package to the package server. Must be runfrom the directory containing the package
publish-for-archPublish a package for the same architecture that you are currently on
searchSearches through the Meteor package and release database for items whose names match the regular expression
showSearches through the Meteor package and release database for items whose names match the regular expression