mamba list [regex]

List linked packages in a conda environment


regexList only packages matching this regular expression


--show-channel-urlsShow channel urls. Overrides the value given by conda config --show show_channel_urls
-c, --canonicalOutput canonical names of packages only. Implies --no-pip
-f, --full-nameOnly search for full names, i.e., ^<regex>$
--explicitList explicitly all installed conda packaged with URL (output may be used by conda create --file)
--md5Add MD5 hashsum when using --explicit
-e, --exportOutput requirement string only (output may be used by conda create --file)
-r, --revisionsList the revision history and exit
--no-pipDo not include pip-only installed packages
-n, --name <environment>Name of environment
-p, --prefix <path>Full path to environment location (i.e. prefix)
--jsonReport all output as json. Suitable for using conda programmatically
-v, --verboseUse once for info, twice for debug, three times for trace
-q, --quietDo not display progress bar