mamba create [package_spec...]

Create a new conda environment from a list of specified packages


package_specPackages to install or update in the conda environment


--clone <env>Path to (or name of) existing local environment
--file <file>Read package versions from the given file. Repeated file specifications can be passed (e.g. --file=file1 --file=file2)
--devUse sys.executable -m conda in wrapper scripts instead of CONDA_EXE. This is mainly for use during tests where we test new conda source against old Python versions
-n, --name <environment>Name of environment
-p, --prefix <path>Full path to environment location (i.e. prefix)
-c, --channel <channel>They are given (including local directories using the 'file://' syntax or simply a path like '/home/conda/mychan' or '../mychan'). Then, the defaults or channels from .condarc are searched (unless --override-channels is given). You can use 'defaults' to get the default packages for conda. You can also use any name and the .condarc channel_alias value will be prepended. The default channel_alias is
--use-localUse locally built packages. Identical to '-c local'
--override-channelsDo not search default or .condarc channels. Requires --channel
--repodata-fn <repodata>
  • Repeatable ♾
--strict-channel-priorityPackages in lower priority channels are not considered if a package with the same name appears in a higher priority channel
--no-channel-priorityPackage version takes precedence over channel priority. Overrides the value given by conda config --show channel_priority
  • Dangerous 💥
--only-depsOnly install dependencies
--no-pinIgnore pinned file
--no-default-packagesIgnore create_default_packages in the .condarc file
--copyInstall all packages using copies instead of hard- or soft-linking
-C, --use-index-cacheUse cache of channel index files, even if it has expired
-k, --insecureAllow conda to perform insecure SSL connections and transfers. Equivalent to setting 'ssl_verify' to 'false'
--offlineOffline mode. Don't connect to the Internet
-d, --dry-runOnly display what would have been done
--jsonReport all output as json. Suitable for using conda programmatically
-q, --quietDo not display progress bar
-v, --verbose
  • Repeatable ♾
-y, --yesDo not ask for confirmation
--download-onlySolve an environment and ensure package caches are populated, but exit prior to unlinking and linking packages into the prefix
--show-channel-urlsShow channel urls. Overrides the value given by conda config --show show_channel_urls