Mamba is a reimplementation of the conda package manager in C++


activateActivate an environment
deactivateDeactivate an environment
cleanRemove unused packages and caches
compareCompare packages between conda environments
createCreate a new conda environment from a list of specified packages
infoDisplay information about current conda install
initInitialize conda for shell interaction. [Experimental]
installInstalls a list of packages into a specified conda environment
listList linked packages in a conda environment
packageLow-level conda package utility. (EXPERIMENTAL)
removeRemove a list of packages from a specified conda environment
uninstallAlias for remove
runRun an executable in a conda environment
searchSearch for packages and display associated information. The input is a MatchSpec, a query language for conda packages
updateUpdates conda packages to the latest compatible version
upgradeAlias for update
repoqueryQuery repositories using mamba
envManage environments


--help, -hShow help for mamba and exit
--version, -VShow the conda version number and exit