kubectl kustomize <DIR>

Print a set of API resources generated from instructions in a kustomization.yaml file




-o, --output <Output Format>Output format. One of: json|yaml|name|go-template|go-template-file|template|templatefile|jsonpath|jsonpath-file
--allow-id-changesEnable changes to a resourceId
--enable-alpha-pluginsEnable kustomize plugins
--enable-managedby-labelEnable adding app.kubernetes.io/managed-by
--env, -e <arg>A list of environment variables to be used by functions
--load-restrictor <arg>If set to 'LoadRestrictionsNone', local kustomizations may load files from outside their root. This does, however, break the relocatability of the kustomization
--mount <arg>A list of storage options read from the filesystem
--networkEnable network access for functions that declare it
--network-name <arg>The docker network to run the container in
--reorderReorder the resources just before output. Use 'legacy' to apply a legacy reordering (Namespaces first, Webhooks last, etc). Use 'none' to suppress a final reordering