kubectl alpha debug

Tools for debugging Kubernetes resources


--arguments-only <arg>If specified, everything after -- will be passed to the new container as Args instead of Command
--attach <arg>If true, wait for the Pod to start running, and then attach to the Pod as if 'kubectl attach ...' were called. Default false, unless '-i/--stdin' is set, in which case the default is true
--container <arg>Container name to use for debug container
--env <arg>Environment variables to set in the container
--image <arg>Container image to use for debug container
--image-pull-policy <arg>The image pull policy for the container
--quiet <arg>If true, suppress prompt messages
-i, --stdin <arg>Keep stdin open on the container(s) in the pod, even if nothing is attached
--target <arg>Target processes in this container name
-t, --tty <arg>Allocated a TTY for each container in the pod