kubectl config

Modify kubeconfig files using subcommands like "kubectl config set current-context my-context"


current-contextDisplays the current-context
delete-clusterDelete the specified cluster from the kubeconfig
delete-contextDelete the specified context from the kubeconfig
get-clustersDisplay clusters defined in the kubeconfig
get-contextsDisplays one or many contexts from the kubeconfig file
get-usersDisplay users defined in the kubeconfig
rename-contextRenames a context from the kubeconfig file
setSets an individual value in a kubeconfig file
set-clusterSets a cluster entry in kubeconfig
set-contextSets a context entry in kubeconfig
set-credentialsSets a user entry in kubeconfig
unsetUnsets an individual value in a kubeconfig file
use-contextSets the current-context in a kubeconfig file
viewDisplay merged kubeconfig settings or a specified kubeconfig file


--kubeconfig <path>