ionic start <name> <template>

Create a new project


nameThe name of your new project (e.g. myApp, "My App")
templateThe starter template to use (e.g. blank, tabs; use --list to see all)


--list, -lList available starter templates
--type <type>Type of project to start (e.g. vue, angular, react, ionic-angular, ionic1)
--cordovaInclude Cordova integration
--capacitorInclude Capacitor integration
--no-depsDo not install npm/yarn dependencies
--no-gitDo not initialize a git repo
--linkConnect your new app to Ionic
--id <id>Specify an Ionic App ID to link
--project-id <slug>Specify a slug for your app (used for the directory name and package name)
--package-id <id>Specify the bundle ID/application ID for your app (reverse-DNS notation)