ionic cordova run <platform>

Run an Ionic project on a connected device


platformThe platform to run (e.g. android, ios)


--listList all available targets
--no-buildDo not invoke Ionic build
--externalHost dev server on all network interfaces (i.e. --host=
--host <host>Use specific host for the dev server
--port, -p <port>Use specific port for the dev server
--public-host <host>The host used for the browser or web view
--livereload, -lSpin up dev server to live-reload www files
--livereload-url <url>Provide a custom URL to the dev server
--debugMark as a debug build
--releaseMark as a release build
--deviceDeploy build to a device
--emulatorDeploy build to an emulator
--buildConfig <file>Use the specified build configuration
--target <target>Deploy build to a device (use --list to see all)
--no-native-runDo not use native-run to run the app; use Cordova instead
--connectTie the running app to the process
--jsonOutput targets in JSON
--sslUse HTTPS for the dev server
--prodFlag to use the production configuration
--consolelogsPrint app console logs to the terminal
--consolelogs-port <port>Use specific port for console logs server
--configuration, -c <conf>Specify the configuration to use