ionic serve

Start a local dev server for app dev/testing


--externalHost dev server on all network interfaces (i.e. --host=
--host <host>Use specific host for the dev server
--port, -p <port>Use specific port for the dev server
--public-host <host>The host used for the browser or web view
--no-livereloadDo not spin up dev server--just serve files
--lab-host <host>Use specific host for Ionic Lab server
--lab-port <port>Use specific port for Ionic Lab server
--no-openDo not open a browser window
--browser, -w <browser>Specifies the browser to use (safari, firefox, google chrome)
--browseroption, -o <path>Specifies a path to open to (/#/tab/dash)
--lab, -lTest your apps on multiple platform types in the browser
--sslUse HTTPS for the dev server
--prodFlag to use the production configuration
--consolelogsPrint app console logs to the terminal
--consolelogs-port <port>Use specific port for console logs server
--configuration, -c <conf>Specify the configuration to use
--source-mapOutput sourcemaps