Ruby package manager


helpHelp about any command
install, iInstall a gem into the local repository
certManage RubyGems certificates and signing settings
checkCheck a gem repository for added or missing files
cleanupClean up old versions of installed gems
contentsDisplay the contents of the installed gems
dependencyShow the dependencies of an installed gem
environmentDisplay information about the RubyGems environment
fetchDownload a gem and place it in the current directory
generate_indexGenerates the index files for a gem server directory
infoShow information for the given gem
lockGenerate a lockdown list of gems
mirrorMirror all gem files (requires rubygems-mirror)
openOpen gem sources in editor
pristineRestores installed gems to pristine condition from files located in the gem cache
queryQuery gem information in local or remote repositories
rdocGenerates RDoc for pre-installed gems
searchDisplay remote gems whose name matches REGEXP
signinSign in to any gemcutter-compatible host. It defaults to
signoutSign out from all the current sessions
sourcesManage the sources and cache file RubyGems uses to search for gems
specificationDisplay gem specification (in yaml)
staleList gems along with access times
unpackUnpack an installed gem to the current directory
yankRemove a pushed gem from the index
uninstallUninstall gems from the local repository
listDisplay local gems whose name matches REGEXP
buildBuild a gem from a gemspec
pushPush a gem up to the gem server
serverStarts up a web server that hosts the RDoc (requires rubygems-server)
ownerManage gem owners of a gem on the push server
whichFind the location of a library file you can require
outdatedDisplay all gems that need updates
updateUpdate installed gems to the latest version


--help, -h
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-V, --verbose
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-q, --quiet
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-config-file <FILE>
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-v, --versionShow the gem version