The flyctl is a command-line interface for


agentCommands that manage the Fly agent, a background process that manages flyctl wireguard connections
appsManage apps
authManage authentication
autoscaleAutoscaling app resources
buildsManage application builds
certsManage certificates
checksManage health checks
completionGenerate the autocompletion script for the specified shell
configManage an app's configuration
createCreate a new application
curlRun a performance test against a URL
dash, dashboardOpen web browser on Fly Web UI for this app
deployDeploy Fly applications
destroyPermanently destroys an app
digMake DNS requests against's internal DNS server
dns-recordsManage DNS records
docsView Fly documentation
doctorThe DOCTOR command allows you to debug your Fly environment
domainsManage domains
historyList an app's change history
img, imageManage app image
infoShow detailed app information
ipsManage IP addresses for apps
launchLaunch a new app
logsView app logs
machines, m, machineCommands that manage machines
monitorMonitor currently running application deployments
moveMove an app to another organization
openOpen browser to current deployed application
orgsCommands for managing Fly organizations
pingTest connectivity with ICMP ping messages
platformFly platform information
pg, postgresManage postgres clusters
proxyProxies connections to a fly VM
regionsManage regions
releasesList app releases
restartRestart an application
resumeResume an application
scaleScale app resources
secretsManage app secrets
sshCommands that manage SSH credentials
statusShow app status
suspendSuspend an application
turbokuLaunches heroku apps
versionShow version information for the flyctl command
vmCommands that manage VM instances
vol, volumesVolume management commands
wg, wireguardCommands that manage WireGuard peer connections
helpHelp about any command


--access-token, -t <access-token>
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--builtinsfile <builtinsfile>
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--json, -j
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--help, -h
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