Manage your Cordova application


createCreate a project
helpGet help for a command
telemetryTurn telemetry collection on or off
configSet, get, delete, edit, and list global cordova options
infoGenerate project information
requirementsChecks and print out all the installation requirements for platforms specified
platform, platformsManage project platforms
plugin, pluginsManage project plugins
prepareCopy files into platform(s) for building
compileCompile project for platform(s)
buildBuild project for platform(s) (prepare + compile)
cleanCleanup project from build artifacts
runRun project (including prepare && compile)
serveRun project with a local webserver (including prepare)


-d, --verbosePipe out more verbose output to your shell. You can also subscribe to log and warn events if you are consuming cordova-cli as a node module by calling cordova.on('log', function() {}) or cordova.on('warn', function() {})
-v, --versionPrint out the version of your cordova-cli install
--no-update-notifierWill disable updates check
--nohooksSuppress executing hooks (taking RegExp hook patterns as parameters)
--no-telemetryDisable telemetry collection for the current command