copilot help job init

Creates a new scheduled job in an application


--app, -a <name>Name of the application
--dockerfile, -d <dockerfile>Path to the Dockerfile
--image, -i <image>The location of an existing Docker image
--job-type, -t <job-type>Type of job to create
--name, -n <name>Name of the job
--retries <retries>Optional. The number of times to try restarting the job on a failure
--schedule, -s <schedule>The schedule on which to run this job. Accepts cron expressions of the format (M H DoM M DoW) and schedule definition strings. For example: "0 * * * *", "@daily", "@weekly", "@every 1h30m". AWS Schedule Expressions of the form "rate(10 minutes)" or "cron(0 12 L * ? 2021)" are also accepted
--timeout <timeout>Optional. The total execution time for the task, including retries. Accepts valid Go duration strings. For example: "2h", "1h30m", "900s"
--help, -hHelp for command