copilot env init

Creates a new environment in your application


--app, -a <name>Name of the application
--aws-access-key-id <aws-access-key-id>Optional. An AWS access key
--aws-secret-access-key <aws-secret-access-key>Optional. An AWS secret access key
--aws-session-token <aws-session-token>Optional. An AWS session token for temporary credentials
--default-configOptional. Skip prompting and use default environment configuration
--import-private-subnets <import-private-subnets>Optional. Use existing private subnet IDs
--import-public-subnets <import-public-subnets>Optional. Use existing public subnet IDs
--import-vpc-id <import-vpc-id>Optional. Use an existing VPC ID
--name, -n <name>Name of the environment
--override-az-names <override-az-names>Optional. Availability Zone names. (default 2 random AZs)
--override-private-cidrs <override-private-cidrs>Optional. CIDR to use for private subnets. (default,
--override-public-cidrs <override-public-cidrs>Optional. CIDR to use for public subnets. (default,
--override-vpc-cidr <override-vpc-cidr>Optional. Global CIDR to use for VPC. (default
--prodIf the environment contains production services
--profile <profile>Name of the profile
--region <region>Optional. An AWS region where the environment will be created
--help, -hHelp for command