cmake -E tar [pathname]

Create or extract a tar or zip archive




cCreate a new archive containing the specified files. If used, the pathname argument is mandatory
xExtract to disk from the archive. The <pathname>... argument could be used to extract only selected files or directories. When extracting selected files or directories, you must provide their exact names including the path, as printed by list (-t)
tList archive contents. The <pathname>... argument could be used to list only selected files or directories
vProduce verbose output
zCompress the resulting archive with gzip
jCompress the resulting archive with bzip2
JCompress the resulting archive with XZ
--zstdCompress the resulting archive with Zstandard
--files-from <file>Read file names from the given file, one per line. Blank lines are ignored. Lines may not start in - except for --add-file=<name> to add files whose names start in -
--format <format>Specify the format of the archive to be created
--mtime <date>Specify modification time recorded in tarball entries
--Stop interpreting options and treat all remaining arguments as file names, even if they start with -