cmake --build [dir]

Project binary directory to be built and must be first. This is required unless a preset is specified




--preset <preset>Use a build preset to specify build options
--list-presetsLists the available presets. If no option is specified only configure presets will be listed. The current working directory must contain CMake preset files
--parallel, -j [jobs]The maximum number of concurrent processes to use when building. If <jobs> is omitted the native build tool's default number is used
--target, -t <target...>Build <tgt> instead of the default target. Multiple targets may be given, separated by spaces
--config <cfg>For multi-configuration tools, choose configuration <cfg>
--clean-firstBuild target clean first, then build
--use-stderrIgnored. Behavior is default in CMake >= 3.0
--verbose, -vEnable verbose output - if supported - including the build commands to be executed
--Pass remaining options to the native tool