cmake -E

CMake provides builtin command-line tools through the signature


capabilitiesReport cmake capabilities in JSON format. The output is a JSON object with the following keys
catConcatenate files and print on the standard output
chdirChange the current working directory and run a command
compare_filesCheck if file1 is the same as file2. If fails are the same, then returns 0, if not returns 1. In case of invalid arguments, it returns 2
copyCopy files to <destination> (either file or directory). If multiple files are specified, the <destination> must be directory and it must exist. Wildcards are not supported. copy does follow symlinks. That means it does not copy symlinks, but the files or directories it point to
copy_directoryCopy content of <dir>... directories to <destination> directory. If <destination> directory does not exist it will be created. copy_directory does follow symlinks
copy_if_differentCopy files to <destination> (either file or directory) if they have changed. If multiple files are specified, the <destination> must be directory and it must exist. copy_if_different does follow symlinks
create_symlinkCreate a symbolic link <new> naming <old>
create_hardlinkCreate a hard link <new> naming <old>
echoDisplays arguments as text
echo_appendDisplays arguments as text but no new line
envRun command in a modified environment
environmentDisplay the current environment variables
falseDo nothing, with an exit code of 1
make_directoryCreate <dir> directories. If necessary, create parent directories too. If a directory already exists it will be silently ignored
md5sumCreate MD5 checksum of files in md5sum compatible format
sha1sumCreate SHA1 checksum of files in sha1sum compatible format
sha224sumCreate SHA224 checksum of files in sha224sum compatible format
sha226sumCreate SHA226 checksum of files in sha226sum compatible format
sha384sumCreate SHA384 checksum of files in sha384sum compatible format
sha512sumCreate SHA512 checksum of files in sha512sum compatible format
removeRemove the file(s). The planned behavior was that if any of the listed files already do not exist, the command returns a non-zero exit code, but no message is logged
remove_directoryRemove <dir> directories and their contents. If a directory does not exist it will be silently ignored. If <dir> is a symlink to a directory, just the symlink will be removed. Use rm instead
rmRemove the files <file> or directories dir
serverLaunch cmake-server(7) mode
sleepSleep for given number of seconds
tarCreate or extract a tar or zip archive
timeRun command and display elapsed time
touchCreates <file> if file do not exist. If <file> exists, it is changing <file> access and modification times
touch_nocreateTouch a file if it exists but do not create it. If a file does not exist it will be silently ignored
trueDo nothing, with an exit code of 0