yarn global

Manage yarn globally


addInstall globally packages on your operating system
binDisplays the location of the yarn global bin folder
dirDisplays the location of the global installation folder
lsList globally installed packages (deprecated)
listList globally installed packages
removeRemove globally installed packages
upgradeUpgrade globally installed packages
upgrade-interactiveDisplay the outdated packages before performing any upgrade


-s, --silentSkip Yarn console logs
--no-default-rcPrevent Yarn from automatically detecting yarnrc and npmrc files
--use-yarnrc <path>Specifies a yarnrc file that Yarn should use (.yarnrc only, not .npmrc) (default: )
--verboseOutput verbose messages on internal operations
--offlineTrigger an error if any required dependencies are not available in local cache
--prefer-offlineUse network only if dependencies are not available in local cache
--enable-pnp, --pnpEnable the Plug'n'Play installation
--jsonFormat Yarn log messages as lines of JSON
--ignore-scriptsDon't run lifecycle scripts
--harSave HAR output of network traffic
--ignore-platformIgnore platform checks
--ignore-enginesIgnore engines check
--ignore-optionalIgnore optional dependencies
--forceInstall and build packages even if they were built before, overwrite lockfile
--skip-integrity-checkRun install without checking if node_modules is installed
--check-filesInstall will verify file tree of packages for consistency
--no-bin-linksDon't generate bin links when setting up packages
--flatOnly allow one version of a package
--prod, --productionInstruct Yarn to ignore NODE_ENV and take its production-or-not status from this flag instead
--no-lockfileDon't read or generate a lockfile
--pure-lockfileDon't generate a lockfile
--frozen-lockfileDon't generate a lockfile and fail if an update is needed
--update-checksumsUpdate package checksums from current repository
--link-duplicatesCreate hardlinks to the repeated modules in node_modules
--link-folder <path>Specify a custom folder to store global links
--global-folder <path>Specify a custom folder to store global packages
--modules-folder <path>Rather than installing modules into the node_modules folder relative to the cwd, output them here
--preferred-cache-folder <path>Specify a custom folder to store the yarn cache if possible
--cache-folder <path>Specify a custom folder that must be used to store the yarn cache
--mutex <type[:specifier]>Use a mutex to ensure only one yarn instance is executing
--emoji <arg>Enables emoji in output
--cwd <cwd>Working directory to use
--proxy, --https-proxy <host>
--registry <url>Override configuration registry
--no-progressDisable progress bar
--network-concurrency <number>Maximum number of concurrent network requests
--network-timeout <milliseconds>TCP timeout for network requests
--non-interactiveDo not show interactive prompts
--scripts-prepend-node-pathPrepend the node executable dir to the PATH in scripts
--no-node-version-checkDo not warn when using a potentially unsupported Node version
--focusFocus on a single workspace by installing remote copies of its sibling workspaces
--otp <otpcode>One-time password for two factor authentication
--prefix <prefix>Bin prefix to use to install binaries
--latestBin prefix to use to install binaries
-h, --helpOutput usage information