yarn cache

Yarn cache list will print out every cached package


cleanClear global cache
dirPrint yarn’s global cache path
listPrint out every cached package


-s, --silentSkip Yarn console logs
--no-default-rcPrevent Yarn from automatically detecting yarnrc and npmrc files
--use-yarnrc <path>Specifies a yarnrc file that Yarn should use (.yarnrc only, not .npmrc) (default: )
--verboseOutput verbose messages on internal operations
--offlineTrigger an error if any required dependencies are not available in local cache
--prefer-offlineUse network only if dependencies are not available in local cache
--enable-pnp, --pnpEnable the Plug'n'Play installation
--jsonFormat Yarn log messages as lines of JSON
--ignore-scriptsDon't run lifecycle scripts
--harSave HAR output of network traffic
--ignore-platformIgnore platform checks
--ignore-enginesIgnore engines check
--ignore-optionalIgnore optional dependencies
--forceInstall and build packages even if they were built before, overwrite lockfile
--skip-integrity-checkRun install without checking if node_modules is installed
--check-filesInstall will verify file tree of packages for consistency
--no-bin-linksDon't generate bin links when setting up packages
--flatOnly allow one version of a package
--prod, --productionInstruct Yarn to ignore NODE_ENV and take its production-or-not status from this flag instead
--no-lockfileDon't read or generate a lockfile
--pure-lockfileDon't generate a lockfile
--frozen-lockfileDon't generate a lockfile and fail if an update is needed
--update-checksumsUpdate package checksums from current repository
--link-duplicatesCreate hardlinks to the repeated modules in node_modules
--link-folder <path>Specify a custom folder to store global links
--global-folder <path>Specify a custom folder to store global packages
--modules-folder <path>Rather than installing modules into the node_modules folder relative to the cwd, output them here
--preferred-cache-folder <path>Specify a custom folder to store the yarn cache if possible
--cache-folder <path>Specify a custom folder that must be used to store the yarn cache
--mutex <type[:specifier]>Use a mutex to ensure only one yarn instance is executing
--emoji <arg>Enables emoji in output
--cwd <cwd>Working directory to use
--proxy, --https-proxy <host>
--registry <url>Override configuration registry
--no-progressDisable progress bar
--network-concurrency <number>Maximum number of concurrent network requests
--network-timeout <milliseconds>TCP timeout for network requests
--non-interactiveDo not show interactive prompts
--scripts-prepend-node-pathPrepend the node executable dir to the PATH in scripts
--no-node-version-checkDo not warn when using a potentially unsupported Node version
--focusFocus on a single workspace by installing remote copies of its sibling workspaces
--otp <otpcode>One-time password for two factor authentication
-h, --helpOutput usage information