A file watching service


clockReturns the current clock value for a watched root
findFinds all files that match the optional list of patterns under the specified dir
flush-subscriptionsThis is designed to be used by interactive programs that have a background process or daemon maintaining a subscription to Watchman
get-configReturns the .watchmanconfig for the root
get-socknameGet socket path
list-capabilitiesReturns the full list of supported capabilities offered by the watchman server
logGenerates a log line in the watchman log
log-levelChanges the log level of your connection to the watchman service
queryExecutes a query against the specified root
shutdown-serverThis causes your watchman service to exit with a normal status code
sinceFinds all files that were modified since the specified clockspec that match the optional list of patterns
state-enterThis causes a watch to be marked as being in a particular named state
state-leaveThis causes a watch to no longer be marked as being in a particular named state
subscribeSubscribes to changes against a specified root and requests that they be sent to the client via its connection
triggerThis will create or replace a trigger
trigger-delDeletes a named trigger from the list of registered triggers
trigger-listReturns the set of registered triggers associated with a root directory
unsubscribeCancels a named subscription against the specified root
versionThe version and build information for the currently running watchman service
watch-delRemoves a watch and any associated triggers
watch-del-allRemoves all watches and associated triggers
watch-listReturns a list of watched dirs
watch-projectRequests that the project containing the requested dir is watched for changes


--help, -hShow help for watchman
--inetdSpawning from an inetd style supervisor
-S, --no-site-spawnerDon't use the site or system spawner
-v, --versionShow version number for watchman
--named-pipe-path <path>Specify alternate named pipe path
-u <path>Specify alternate unix domain socket path
--unix-listener-path <path>Specify alternate unix domain socket path
-o <path>Specify the path to logfile
--logfile <path>Specify the path to logfile
--log-level <level>Set the log level
--pidfileSpecify path to pidfile
-p, --persistentPersist and wait for further responses
-n, --no-save-stateDon't save state between invocations
--statefile <path>Specify path to file to hold watch and trigger state
-j, --json-commandInstead of parsing CLI arguments, take a single json object from stdin
--output-encoding <encoding>CLI output encoding
--server-encoding <encoding>CLI<->server encoding
-f, --foregroundRun the service in the foreground
--no-prettyDon't pretty print JSON
--no-spawnDon't try to start the service if it is not available
--no-localWhen no-spawn is enabled, don't try to handle request in client mode if service is unavailable