Vue cli tools


createCreate a new project powered by vue-cli-service
addInstall a plugin and invoke its generator in an already created project
invokeInvoke the generator of a plugin in an already created project
inspectInspect the webpack config in a project with vue-cli-service
serveServe a .js or .vue file in development mode with zero config
buildBuild a .js or .vue file in production mode with zero config
uiStart and open the vue-cli ui
initGenerate a project from a remote template (legacy API, requires @vue/cli-init)
configInspect and modify the config
outdated(experimental) check for outdated vue cli service / plugins
upgrade(experimental) upgrade vue cli service / plugins
migrate(experimental) run migrator for an already-installed cli plugin
infoPrint debugging information about your environment


-V, --versionOutput the version number
-h, --helpOutput usage information