truffle debug [transaction_hash]

Interactively debug any transaction on the blockchain


transaction_hashTransaction ID to use for debugging. You can omit this to simply start the debugger and then load a transaction later


--network <network>The network to connect to
--fetch-external, -xAllows the debugger to download source from source verification services to debug transactions involving external contracts. When used, a transaction hash is required. May be abbreviated -x
--compile-testsAllows the debugger to compile Solidity test contracts. Implies --compile-all
--compile-allForces the debugger to recompile all contracts, even when it would otherwise judge doing so unnecessary. Compilation results are not saved
--compile-noneForces the debugger not to recompile contracts, even when it would otherwise judge it necessary. This option is dangerous and may cause errors. Please only use this if you are sure a recompilation is not necessary