A world class development environment, testing framework and asset pipeline for blockchains using the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM), aiming to make life as a developer easier


buildExecute build pipeline (if configuration present)
compileCompile contract source files
configSet user-level configuration options
consoleRun a console with contract abstractions and commands available
createHelper to create new contracts, migrations and tests
debugInteractively debug any transaction on the blockchain
deployAlias for migrate. See migrate for details
developOpen a console with a development blockchaine
execExecute a JS module within the Truffle environment
helpDisplay a list of all commands or information about a specific command
initInitialize new and empty Ethereum project
installInstall a package from the Ethereum Package Registry
networksShow addresses for deployed contracts on each network
obtainFetch and cache a specified compiler
opcodePrint the compiled opcodes for a given contract
publishPublish a package to the Ethereum Package Registry
runRun a third-party plugin command
versionShow version number and exit
watchWatch filesystem for changes and rebuild the project automatically
preserveSave data to decentralized storage platforms like IPFS and Filecoin
migrateRun migrations to deploy contracts
unboxDownload a Truffle Box, a pre-built Truffle project
testRun JavaScript and Solidity tests