tar u <FILE...>

Append files which are newer than the corresponding copy in the archive




f, -f, --file <ARCHIVE>
  • Required ✳
--force-localArchive file is local even if it has a colon
F, -F, --info-script, --new-volume-script <COMMAND>Run COMMAND at the end of each tape
L, -L, --tape-length <N>Change tape after writing Nx1024 bytes
M, -M, --multi-volumeCreate/list/extract multi-volume archive
--rmt-command <COMMAND>Use COMMAND instead of rmt when accessing remote archives
--rsh-command <COMMAND>Use COMMAND instead of rsh when accessing remote archives
--volno-file <FILE>Tar will keep track of which volume of a multi-volume archive it is working in FILE
--ignore-failed-readDo not exit with nonzero on unreadable files
--restrictDisable the use of some potentially harmful options
--remove-filesRemove files from disk after adding them to the archive
W, -W, --verifyVerify the archive after writing it
--atime-preserve [METHOD]Preserve access times on dumped files
--group <NAME[:GID]>Force NAME as group for added files
--group-map <FILE>Read group translation map from FILE
--mode <CHANGES>Force symbolic mode CHANGES for added files
--mtime <DATE-OR-FILE>Set mtime for added files
--owner <NAME[:GID]>Force NAME as owner for added files
--owner-map <FILE>Read owner translation map from FILE
--sort <ORDER>When creating an archive, sort directory entries according to ORDER
--add-file <FILE>Add FILE to the archive
--exclude <PATTERN>Exclude files matching PATTERN
--exclude-backupsExclude backup and lock files
--exclude-cachesExclude contents of directories containing file CACHEDIR.TAG, except for the tag file itself
--exclude-caches-allExclude directories containing file CACHEDIR.TAG and the file itself
--exclude-caches-underExclude everything under directories containing CACHEDIR.TAG
--exclude-ignore <FILE>Read exclusion patterns from FILE in directory before dumping
--exclude-ignore-recursive <FILE>Same as --exclude-ignore, except that patterns from FILE affect both the directory and all its subdirectories
--exclude-tag <FILE>Exclude contents of directories containing FILE, except for FILE itself
--exclude-tag-all <FILE>Exclude directories containing FILE
--exclude-tag-under <FILE>Exclude everything under directories containing FILE
--exclude-vcsExclude version control system directories
--exclude-vcs-ignoresExclude files that match patterns read from VCS-specific ignore files
h, -h, --dereferenceFollow symlinks; archive and dump the files they point to
--hard-dereferenceFollow hard links; archive and dump the files they refer to
N, -N, --newer, --after-date <DATE>Only store files newer than DATE
--one-file-systemStay in local file system when creating archive
P, -P, --absolute-namesDon't strip leading slashes from file names
--anchoredPatterns match file name start
--ignore-caseIgnore case
--no-anchoredPatterns match after any /
--no-ignore-caseCase sensitive matching
--no-wildcardsVerbatim string matching
--no-wildcards-match-slashWildcards do not match /
--wildcardsUse wildcards
--wildcards-match-slashWildcards match /
--clamp-mtimeOnly set time when the file is more recent than what was given with --mtime
l, -l, --check-linksPrint a message if not all links are dumped
a, -a, --auto-compressUse archive suffix to determine the compression program
I, -I, --use-compress-program <COMMAND>Filter data through COMMAND
j, -j, --bzip2Filter the archive through bzip2
J, -J, --xzFilter the archive through xz
--lzipFilter the archive through lzip
--lzmaFilter the archive through lzma
--lzopFilter the archive through lzop
--no-auto-compressDo not use archive suffix to determine the compression program
z, -z, --gzip, --gunzip, --ungzipFilter the archive through gzip
Z, -Z, --compress, --uncompressFilter the archive through compress
--zstdFilter the archive through zstd
--transform, --xform <EXPRESSION>Use sed replace EXPRESSION to transform file names
--checkpoint [N]Display progress messages every Nth record
--checkpoint-action <ACTION>Run ACTION on each checkpoint
--full-timePrint file time to its full resolution
--utcPrint file modification times in UTC