tar t [MEMBER...]

List the contents of an archive




f, -f, --file <ARCHIVE>
  • Required ✳
--force-localArchive file is local even if it has a colon
F, -F, --info-script, --new-volume-script <COMMAND>Run COMMAND at the end of each tape
L, -L, --tape-length <N>Change tape after writing Nx1024 bytes
M, -M, --multi-volumeCreate/list/extract multi-volume archive
--rmt-command <COMMAND>Use COMMAND instead of rmt when accessing remote archives
--rsh-command <COMMAND>Use COMMAND instead of rsh when accessing remote archives
--volno-file <FILE>Tar will keep track of which volume of a multi-volume archive it is working in FILE
n, -n, --seekAssume the archive is seekable
--no-seekAssume the archive is not seekable
--occurrence [N]Process only the Nth occurrence of each file in the archive
B, -B, --read-full-recordsWhen listing or extracting, accept incomplete input records after end-of-file marker
i, -i, --ignore-zerosIgnore zeroed blocks in archive
V, -V, --label <TEXT>Use TEXT as a globbing pattern for volume name
a, -a, --auto-compressUse archive suffix to determine the compression program
I, -I, --use-compress-program <COMMAND>Filter data through COMMAND
j, -j, --bzip2Filter the archive through bzip2
J, -J, --xzFilter the archive through xz
--lzipFilter the archive through lzip
--lzmaFilter the archive through lzma
--lzopFilter the archive through lzop
--no-auto-compressDo not use archive suffix to determine the compression program
z, -z, --gzip, --gunzip, --ungzipFilter the archive through gzip
Z, -Z, --compress, --uncompressFilter the archive through compress
--zstdFilter the archive through zstd
--transform, --xform <EXPRESSION>Use sed replace EXPRESSION to transform file names
--checkpoint [N]Display progress messages every Nth record
--checkpoint-action <ACTION>Run ACTION on each checkpoint
--full-timePrint file time to its full resolution
--utcPrint file modification times in UTC
K, -K, --starting-file <MEMBER>Begin at the given member in the archive
--show-omitted-dirsList each directory that does not match search criteria