stripe delete <path>

Makes DELETE HTTP requests to the Stripe API


pathURL path of the API object to delete


-s, --show-headersShows response HTTP headers
-c, --confirm
  • Dangerous 💥
--dark-styleUses a darker color scheme
-d, --data <value>Additional data to send with an API request
-e, --expand <value>Response attributes to expand inline
-i, --idempotency <key>Sets an idempotency key for the request, preventing the same request from replaying within 24 hours
--liveMakes a live request
--stripe-account <account id>Specify the Stripe account to use for this request
-v, --stripe-version <version>Specify the Stripe API version to use for this request
--api-key <stripe api key>Sets your API key to use for the command
--color <setting>Enables or disables color output
--config <config filepath>Sets your config file
--device-name <name>Runs command on behlaf of another device
-h, --helpProvides the help documentation for commands, flags, and arguments
--log-level <level>Set the level of detail for log messages
-v, --versionPrints the version of the Stripe CLI