CLI interface for


loginConnects to your Stripe account
configInstalls a tool in your toolchain
completionGenerates shell autocompletions
logs tailLogs from your Stripe requests
statusDisplays Stripe's system status and service availability
openDisplays Stripe's system status and service availability
listenReceives webhook events from Stripe locally
triggerTriggers webhook events to conduct local testing
events resendResend an event to test a webhook endpoint
getMakes GET HTTP requests to retrieve an individual API object
postMakes POST HTTP requests to the Stripe API
deleteMakes DELETE HTTP requests to the Stripe API
samplesCreates a local copy of a sample
serveStarts an HTTP server to serve static files
terminal quickstartStarts up Stripe Terminal
logoutRemoves all credentials
feedbackPrints info about how to provide feedback
helpGets help for any command
versionGets the version and checks or updates


--api-key <stripe api key>Sets your API key to use for the command
--color <setting>Enables or disables color output
--config <config filepath>Sets your config file
--device-name <name>Runs command on behlaf of another device
-h, --helpProvides the help documentation for commands, flags, and arguments
--log-level <level>Set the level of detail for log messages
-v, --versionPrints the version of the Stripe CLI