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-displayLimit the number of results that are displayed. Only supported together with stream flag. Statistics continue to report all results
-dump-requestsLog GraphQL requests and responses to stdout
-explain-jsonExplain the JSON output schema and exit
-get-curlPrint the curl command for executing this query and exit. (WARNING: Includes printing your access token!)
-insecure-skip-verifySkip validation of TLD certificates against trusted chains
-jsonWhether or not to output results as JSON
-lessPipe output to `less -R` (only if stdout is terminal, and not json flag)
-streamConsume results as stream. Streaming search only supports a subset of flags and parameters: trace, insecure-skip-verify, display, json
-traceLog the trace ID for requests
-user-agent-telemetryInclude the operating system and architecture in the User-Agent sent with requests to Sourcegraph