Interact with Sourcegraph from the command line


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apiSourcegraph API Access
login'src login' helps you authenticate 'src' to access a Sourcegraph instance with your user credentials
batch'Batch gives you a declarative structure for finding and modifying code across all of your repositories
config'src config' helps you configure 'src'
extsvcEdit or view external service configuration on the Sourcegraph instance
lsifUpload an LSIF dumps
orgsCreate, edit, view, or delete organizations and members
reposView or delete repositories
serve-gitBy default 'src serve-git' will recursively serve your current directory on the address ':3434'
usersCreate, edit, view, tag, or delete users
validateEXPERIMENTAL: Instance validation provides a quick way to check that a Sourcegraph instance functions properly after a fresh install or an update


--help, -hShow help for src