addmediaAdd photos, live photos, videos, or contacts to the library of a device
bootBoot a device or device pair
cloneClone an existing device
createCreate a new device
deleteDelete specified devices, unavailable devices, or all devices
diagnoseCollect diagnostic information and logs
eraseErase a device's contents and settings
get_app_containerPrint the path of the installed app's container
getenvPrint an environment variable from a running device
helpPrints the usage for a given subcommand
icloud_syncTrigger iCloud sync on a device
installInstall an app on a device
install_app_dataInstall an xcappdata package to a device, replacing the current contents of the container
ioSet up a device IO operation
keychainManipulate a device's keychain
launchLaunch an application by identifier on a device
listList available devices, device types, runtimes, or device pairs
locationControl a device's simulated location
logverboseEnable or disable verbose logging for a device. NOTE: You may need to reboot the affected device before logging changes will be effective
openurlOpen a URL in a device
pairCreate a new watch and phone pair
pair_activateSet a given pair as active
pbcopyCopy standard input onto the device pasteboard
pbpastePrint the contents of the device's pasteboard to standard output
pbsyncSync the pasteboard content from one pasteboard to another
privacyGrant, revoke, or reset privacy and permissions
pushSend a simulated push notification
renameRename a device
runtimePerform operations on runtimes
shutdownShutdown a device
spawnSpawn a process by executing a given executable on a device
status_barSet or clear status bar overrides
terminateTerminate an application by identifier on a device
uiGet or Set UI options
uninstallUninstall an app from a device
unpairUnpair a watch and phone pair
upgradeUpgrade a device to a newer runtime