shopify theme

Suite of commands for developing Shopify themes


initClones a Git repository to your local machine to use as the starting point for building a theme
devUploads the current theme as the specified theme, or a development theme, to a store so you can preview it
checkCalls and runs Theme Check to analyze your theme code for errors and to ensure that it follows theme and Liquid best practices. Learn more about the checks that Theme Check runs
openReturns links that let you preview the specified theme
deleteDeletes a theme from your store
packagePackages your local theme files into a ZIP file that can be uploaded to Shopify
publishPublishes an unpublished theme from your theme library
shareUploads your theme as a new, unpublished theme in your theme library. The theme is given a randomized name
pullRetrieves theme files from Shopify
pushUploads your local theme files to Shopify, overwriting the remote theme if specified
listLists the themes in your store, along with their IDs and statuses
infoDisplays information about your theme environment, including your current store
language-serverStarts a Language Server Protocol server


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