sanity init

Initialize a new Sanity project or plugin


-y, --yesUse unattended mode, accepting defaults and using only flags for choices
--project <projectId>Project ID to use for the studio
--organization <organizationId>Organization ID to use for the project
--dataset <dataset>Dataset name for the studio
--dataset-defaultSet up a project with a public dataset named "production"
--output-path <path>Path to write studio project to
--template <template>Project template to use [default: "clean"]
--provider <provider>Login provider to use
--visibility <mode>Visibility mode for dataset (public/private)
--create-project <name>Create a new project with the given name
--project-plan <name>Optionally select a plan for a new project
--coupon <name>Optionally select a coupon for a new project (cannot be used with --project-plan)
--reconfigureReconfigure Sanity studio in current folder with new project/dataset