Sanity CLI tool for managing Sanity installations, managing plugins, schemas and datasets


helpDisplays help information about Sanity
buildBuilds the current Sanity configuration to a static bundle
codemodRuns a code modification script
configcheckChecks if the required configuration files for plugins exists and are up to date
corsInteract with CORS-entries for your project
datasetInteract with datasets in your project
debugGathers information on Sanity environment
deployDeploys a statically built Sanity studio
docsOpens the Sanity documentation
documentsInteract with documents in your project
execRuns a script in Sanity context
graphqlInteract with GraphQL APIs
hookInteract with hooks in your project
initInitialize a new Sanity project or plugin
installInstalls a Sanity plugin to the current Sanity configuration
loginAuthenticates against the API (no flag) or a third-party identity provider (with --sso flag)
logoutLogs out of the session
manageOpens the Sanity project management UI
projectsInteract with projects connected to your logged in user
startStarts a web server for the Content Studio
undeployRemoves the deployed studio from <hostname>
uninstallRemoves a Sanity plugin from the current Sanity configuration
upgradeUpgrades all (or some) Sanity modules to their latest versions
usersManage users of your project
versionsShows the installed versions of Sanity CLI and core components


--help, -hShow help for sanity