Ruby version manager


useSetup current shell to use a specific ruby version
resetRemove default and current settings, exit the shell
infoShow information about the current ruby environment
listList currently installed version
reloadReload RVM source itself (useful after changing RVM source)
implodeRemove all ruby installations it manages
getUpgrades RVM to the stable or git head branches
doRuns a named ruby file against specified and/or all rubies
installInstall one or many ruby versions
upgradeInstall new ruby, copy gemsets, make gems pristine, remove old rubies
reinstallRemove ruby, install it, make gems pristine
uninstallUninstall one or many ruby versions, leaves their sources
removeRemove one or many ruby versions, including their sources
rubyMRI/YARV Ruby (The Standard), defaults to 1.8.6
reeRuby Enterprise Edition
systemUse the system ruby (eg. pre-RVM state)
defaultUse RVM set default ruby and system if it hasn't been set


--help, -h
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