Multi-Project Build Tool


addAdds one or more dependencies to the package.json and runs rush update
changeRecords changes made to projects, indicating how the package version number should be bumped for the next publish
checkChecks each project's package.json files and ensures that all dependencies are of the same version throughout the repository
deployPrepares a deployment by copying a subset of Rush projects and their dependencies to a target folder
initInitializes a new repository to be managed by Rush
init-autoinstallerInitializes a new autoinstaller
init-deployCreates a deployment scenario config file for use with "rush deploy"
installInstall package dependencies for all projects in the repo according to the shrinkwrap file
linkCreate node_modules symlinks for all projects
listList package information for all projects in the repo
publishReads and processes package publishing change requests generated by "rush change"
purgeFor diagnostic purposes, use this command to delete caches and other temporary files used by Rush
scanWhen migrating projects into a Rush repo, this command is helpful for detecting undeclared dependencies
setup(EXPERIMENTAL) Invoke this command before working in a new repo to ensure that any required prerequisites are installed and permissions are configured
unlinkDelete node_modules symlinks for all projects in the repo
updateInstall package dependencies for all projects in the repo, and create or update the shrinkwrap file as needed
update-autoinstallerUpdates autoinstaller package dependenices
update-cloud-credentials(EXPERIMENTAL) Update the credentials used by the build cache provider
versionManage package versions in the repo
buildBuild all projects that haven't been built, or have changed since they were last built
rebuildClean and rebuild the entire set of projects
tab-completeProvides tab completion


-h, --help
  • Persistent ⚖
-d, --debugShow the full call stack if an error occurs while executing the tool