Pulumi's open source infrastructure as code SDK enables you to create, deploy, and manage infrastructure on any cloud, using your favorite languages


aboutPrint information about the Pulumi environment
cancelCancel a stack’s currently running update, if any
configManage configuration
consoleOpens the current stack in the Pulumi Console
destroyDestroy an existing stack and its resources
importImport resources into an existing stack
loginLog in to the Pulumi service
logoutLog out of the Pulumi service
logs[PREVIEW] Show aggregated resource logs for a stack
newCreate a new Pulumi project
orgManage Organization configuration
pluginManage language and resource provider plugins
policyManage resource policies
previewShow a preview of updates to a stack’s resources
refreshRefresh the resources in a stack
schemaAnalyze package schemas
stackManage stacks
stateEdit the current stack’s state
upDeploy code and/or resource changes
versionPrint Pulumi’s version number
watch[PREVIEW] Continuously update the resources in a stack
whoamiDisplays the username of the currently logged in user


--help, -h
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